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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD

1.      Andi is yawning because he is……
a.      Sad                        c.   Hungry
b.      Angry                    d.   Sleepy
2.      Mother wants to buy fish. So, she goes to the…..
a.      Greengrocer         c.   Fishmonger
b.      Market                d.   Fruit seller
3.      The antonym of lazy is…..
a.      Smart        c.   Bad
b.      Stupid       d.   Diligent
4.      My grandfather has no hair. His head is….
a.      Curly hair    c.   Long hair
b.      Bald           d.   Straight hair
5.       “serakah” in English is….
a.      Talkative     c.   Sweaty
b.      Upset         d.   Greedy
6.      My mother wants to buy a fresh meat in the…….
a.      Market
b.      Greengrocer
c.       Butcher
d.      Fishmonger
7.      Yoda has got a eyesore. Her father takes him to the…….
a.      Internist
b.      ophthalmologist
c.       Dentist
d.      Doctor
8.      When you want to ask about a product in a shop, you can ask to the………
a.      Cashier
b.      Security guard
c.       Shop assistant
d.      Shop manager
9.      Sister-your-beautiful-is-older-funny-and
The correct sentence is…..
a.      Older sister is your funny and beautiful
b.      Your sister is older funny and beautiful
c.       Your older sister is beautiful and funny
d.      Your sister is beautiful and older funny
10.  The word “bersin” in English is….
a.      Yawning                c.   Sneezing
b.      Cough                  d.   Crying
11.  Mr. Ujang goes to the…….
He wants to swimming with his friend.
a.      Harbor
b.      Post office
c.       Swimming pool
d.      Airport
12.  We walk on the…. Of the road.
a.      Side walk
b.      Right side of the road
c.       Left and right side
d.      Central
13.  Yesterday my father went to the dentist.
She had got……
a.      Headache              c.  Toothache
b.      Eyesore                 d.  Sore throat
14.  You must cross the street on the……..
a.      Road
b.      Sidewalk
c.       Crossroad
d.      Zebra cross
15.  Mrs. Kintan wants to swim with her friend in the swimming pool, she wears…..
a.      Skirt           c.   Swimsuit
b.      Trousers     d.   T-shirt
16.  My …….. is Moslem.
a.      Nationality
b.      Address
c.       Height
d.      Religion
17.  Adit wears……. On his eyes.
a.      Glasses      c.   Earings
b.      Ribbon      d.   Necklace
18.  Rina is ………, he needs something to drink.
a.      Hungry      c.   Thirsty
b.      Angry       d.   Sad
19.  A: ……….. glasses of water are in the box?
B: there are fifteen.
a.      How is
b.      How are
c.       How many
d.      How much
20.  The vehicles should stop if traffic light is…………..
a.      Green        c.   Red
b.      Yellow      d.   Blue
21.  The cheapest sport is…….
a.      Badminton             c.  Tennis
b.      Running                 d.  Swimming
22.  The word “berombak” in English is……..
a.      Skinny
b.      Wavy
c.       Sunny
d.      Cloudy
23.  Diana feels dizzy. She has got…….
a.      Stomache
b.      Headache
c.       Eye sore
d.      Sore throat
24.  Mother is……. Because her daughter is sick.
a.      Happy        c.  Sad
b.      Crying        d.  Bored
25.  The students can’t do the test well because the test is very…
a.      Easy           c.  Strong
b.      Difficult      d.  Afraid
26.  The boys……. Sad. They are happy.
They are laughing.
a.      Are            c.   Is
b.      Are not      d.   Is not
27.  The baby ……….laughing. he is crying.
a.      Are not      c.   Is not
b.      Are            d.   Is
28.  Anik : ………… is the apple?
Patria: it is twelve thousand rupiahs a kilogram.
a.         How is
b.         How are
c.         How much
d.         How many
29.  Yesterday Farah and Siska …… chess.
a.      Played
b.      Playing
c.       Play
d.      Are playing
30.  She …….. a bicycle to school every morning.
a.      Is riding
b.      Are riding
c.       Rides
d.      Ride

At The Market
Mrs. Evi is a housewife. She shops twice a week. This moment, Mrs. Evi is at the market. She is shopping now. She is buying two kilograms of eggs, one kilogram of flour and one kilogram of sugar. She wants to make cake. She is also buying some fruits and vegetables. Mrs. Evi’s family eats vegetables every day. They are vegetarian.

1.             What is Mrs. Evi?
2.             Where is Mrs. Evi now?
3.             How many eggs is Mrs. Evi buying?
4.             How many flour is she buying?
5.             Is Mrs. Evi buying vegetables?

Mr. gunawan family
Mr. Gunawan and his family live in Kenanga Street. Mr. Gunawan is a manager. His wife, Mrs. Ruth, is a teacher at an Elementary School. They have a daughter and a son. Sisca goes to a secondary school and Benny goes to a Primary School. Mr. and Mrs. Peter are the parents of Mr. Gunawan’s wife.
Today is Sunday. Sisca and Benny are watching television. Mr. Gunawan is reading newspaper. Mrs. Ruth and Mrs. Peter are making a cake. Mr. Peter is sleeping. They enjoy the holiday.

1.      How many members are in the family?
2.      Where does Mr. Gunawan Live?
3.      What is Mr. Gunawan?
4.      What day is it today?
5.      What are Sisca and Benny doing?


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